PTSD and Trauma Recovery

1175787241You’re crumbling inside.

Do you remember when you used to feel strong, adventurous, and full of energy? How long has it been? When did it stop?

Because now you keep trying to hold it together, which seems like an exercise in futility. The exhaustion you feel makes it hard to go to work and seem like a “normal person” – one not on edge and asocial. And “fun” is a word you haven’t spoken in years.

Underneath it all, you’re constantly afraid. Of what? You don’t even know anymore, but that past trauma has a way of creeping back into your life – as a current event triggers the experience once again.

Sometimes, you want to run away; at other times, it’s a total system shutdown. If only there were a way to feel normal again and be comfortable in your skin.

2355835867Shame colors over everything you think and do.

You know what happened is all your fault. You think, “I could’ve prevented what happened.” And you are afraid that it will happen again. So, you avoid threatening situations, overreact to every little event, stay on guard, or feel ashamed.

Feeling worthwhile as a person is a distant memory.

The overbearing sense of responsibility has affected where you hang out, who you spend time with, and even the kind of clothing you wear.

The self-sabotage is invisible, but you know it’s kept you from being truly fulfilled and happy.

390054373Release the heaviness through insight and live free.

There is a reason why the same thoughts spin inside your head every day. Experiencing trauma can affect a person emotionally and physically – causing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Your body remembers that trauma – eliciting an emotional response from you and making you feel that your body doesn’t belong to you.

Until now, that cause has been invisible to you – locked in your mind. The first step to freedom from trauma’s prison is to find the key, and this is where I can help. Therapy can help identify that cause – providing you a way out of the darkness and into the light.

Through therapy, you can learn tools to help you put trauma in the past – allowing you to recover and move forward.

Don’t let past trauma keep you from the life you deserve. Book your complimentary consultation with me, and we’ll turn that key together today.