About Therapy with Me

2078876503Our therapeutic relationship matters more than techniques.

Healing, hope, and understanding take two people. I’m your person.

Friends and family want to help but don’t have the training, so they try to fix you instead.

Over time, our relationship will naturally grow to trust each other and share more openly and honestly as we consider new possibilities for your life. Clinical studies show the most essential factor for good counseling outcomes is the quality of the therapeutic relationship – not specific techniques.

Come as you are.

You don’t have to “get ready” to see me. You don’t have to get your sh*t together, either.

I want to see the real you, not the version you work so hard to maintain.

Coming to my office or meeting with me online can be effortless. It also makes therapy more productive.

You are welcome here. The broken-hearted you – the furious you – the depressed, traumatized, confused, anxious, distracted, abused, addicted, and overworked you.

There will be the quiet, the storm, and the sunshine.

There will be long moments of silence. I encourage that.

You might want to scream sometimes. I encourage that.

There will be tears. Take your time; I encourage that, too.

I’ll keep my mouth shut while your heart expresses itself.

You’re not a robot, and I’m not a computer. I’ll honor you and your emotions by moving at human speed, which is slow, delicate, and nuanced.

362501594Experience measurable change.

Everything can be measured, including your experience of life. Therapy should be more than talk. It should bring solid results.

I strive to see measurable change in my clients’ lives. We will collaborate to determine which areas you want to measure and how.

Over time, you’ll look back and see the enormous transformation you’ve undergone. You’ll realize you are becoming happier, more resilient, hopeful, and endowed with the necessary skills to keep moving forward.

About Me

Sean Wall Closeup6I’m a middle-aged guy who’s had several careers.

And before getting married late in life, I had many relationships. I’ve seen and been through a lot.

You can see it in my wrinkles and gray hair, which I’m proud of.

I’ve had to make many of the same hard choices my clients are preparing to make, and I’m grateful for those lessons.

Here’s something about my professional background.

I received my master’s in clinical mental health counseling from Regis University in Denver. My bachelor’s degree is in computer science.

I’ve been a realtor, as well as a certified massage therapist. I like to help people.

Meditation is part of my daily routine. I’ve given one-on-one instruction and led group retreats over many years.

For fun…

I enjoy paddleboarding, road trips to the Utah desert, and watching The Great British Baking Show. And I’m always searching for the best chocolate chip cookie in Denver.