First Responders

1826739362The work is taking its toll.

You used to handle the blood and death like the others on your team. But this week was terrible. The last year has been extra heavy.

Falling asleep is getting more complex. What used to be one drink with dinner has turned into two or three. Drinking helps – but not as much as it did once. And your sleep is restless and too short. You wake up in the middle of the night and can’t return to sleep.

Ordinary things like date night with your romantic partner stopped long ago. Now, you’re more like roommates than lovers. You barely see them during the week.

It’s go, go, go, and it’s all about the work you used to love.

179949953 1Feeling unappreciated makes it even worse.

Helping patients is ten times harder when they scream at you, tell you what you’re doing wrong, and threaten to sue you after you finish helping them.

Meanwhile, management just announced more budget cuts. You’ll be doing three people’s jobs starting next week. Oh, and you won’t be getting a raise.

Not all the patients are mean. But the ones who’d probably say “thank you” are unconscious, or they get transferred to ICU before your next shift. You never see them again and never get to find out how much good you did.

It never stops. Society is in utter chaos, and there’s no end in sight.

2061273398There are ways to feel better, in or out of your job.

We all know doing the same thing and expecting a different result doesn’t work. Therapy offers essential perspectives to help you make those changes that will lead to a better life.

First, let’s acknowledge how hard your job is. Empathy from coworkers or your boss is probably in short supply. Lack of empathy is not the case with me. And empathy is more powerful than you can believe.

Then, we need to consider the unspoken possibilities of vicarious trauma, chronic stress, depression, and those things that make you feel better for a minute but that you know won’t feel good later on.

After that, we’ll go even deeper and broader into your current life and future.

Happiness is out there. Book your complimentary consultation with me today, and let’s look for happiness again.