Men’s Issues

1884373021“Do other guys wonder the same thing?”

“I can’t be the only one,” you think. Maybe your pals are also going through this, but there’s no way in hell you’d ask them. What if it is just you?

And talking to your romantic partner about it is totally out of the question. It’s just not the kind of thing you’ve ever talked about before, and who knows how they’d respond?

Sure, looking stuff up on the Internet is suitable for fact-checking.

But it would feel much better to be heard by another human being. Ideally, a guy like you.

1912087924“Is something wrong with me?”

According to every Facebook ad and YouTube video you watch, you should still be acting like an 18-year-old.

Every pill company offers a solution to the dozen things that supposedly make you less than a perfect man.

Nobody has said anything directly to you, but they don’t have to. You’re putting a ton of pressure on yourself, all alone.

And it truly is lonely.

1867314871Talk to Sean. He’s a guy, too.

You don’t have to be embarrassed with me. I’m a guy, too. And as much as we’d all rather sit alone in our caves watching TV, it’s not the best way to do life.

As a therapist, I’m the one guy in your life you don’t have to impress. You don’t have to convince me that you’re good enough. You don’t have to be strong, intelligent, strong, virile, or successful when you’re in my office.

Don’t forget that you get to enjoy confidentiality in our conversations. So, you can be honest and let it out. More importantly, I am not here to judge but to listen and provide support and guidance.

Book your complimentary 20-minute consultation with me today, and let’s start talking about getting older, feeling lost, having unsatisfactory sex or no sex, dating nightmares, divorce, sickness, death, family stress, horrible bosses, and the jobs we hate to do.