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Paul has a giant hole where his heart used to be. He’d always imagined happily growing old with his wife. But then came that devastating diagnosis. Now, she’s gone, and it feels like his life is over. How is he supposed to go on?

His family keeps insisting he’ll feel better soon, but that just makes him feel worse. No one knows how to talk to him now, and it’s so isolating. Nothing seems important anymore. He’s stopped exercising and has been missing deadlines at work. His mind is in a constant fog, and he wonders if he’ll feel this way forever.

Taylor is confused about her relationship. She remembers when she first met her boyfriend, and he swooped in like a knight in shining armor. He made her feel so special and loved. So, it was a natural next step when he asked her to move in with him. But since then, everything has changed.

It seems like he’s constantly reminding her of every flaw, quirk, and weakness she has. No matter how hard she tries to be perfect, it’s never enough for him. He’s become so controlling and disapproves of her spending time with family or friends. She thinks about leaving, but her confidence is so low she doesn’t believe she’d find anyone else.

Bill has started drinking too much. He’s been a paramedic for five years and loves his job. But the hours are grueling, and lately, he’s been having trouble falling asleep after his shifts, so he’s started having a few beers before bed to calm him down.

The job is getting harder. More shooting deaths, new drug overdoses, and increasing suicide rates are all taking a toll on him. He’s not the same guy he was in the past. Romantic relationships are struggling, and he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to speak to someone but is embarrassed to talk about these feelings with his buddies or his partner.

It’s possible to reclaim your life.

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And nothing makes me feel more alive than sitting with another person, listening from the heart, and watching them reignite their inner light. I genuinely believe I was put here to connect with you through healing.

I provide a safe, welcoming, judgment-free environment conducive to listening, empathizing, and educating.

Together, let’s identify the root causes of your issues and develop the tools you need to make lasting positive changes.

Don’t wait any longer, feeling alone, abandoned, and directionless. Get the help you need to create the life you deserve.

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Paul was tentative about reaching out at first, but he eventually called, and we set up our first session. He was scared that I would talk to him like his family and friends had been and was shocked and energized to find that wasn’t the case. Instead of telling him how he should feel or trying to fix him, I simply listened to him, and before Paul knew it, he started feeling better.

Taylor had never been in this situation and didn’t know how to identify narcissistic tendencies or psychological manipulation. She hadn’t considered that there was nothing wrong with her and that she was being fooled by someone she trusted. Through our work, she learned to recognize her boyfriend’s malicious behavior, grow her confidence, and find the strength to free herself from this relationship.



Bill hoped that his problems would go away on their own, and eventually, he’d just feel better. But that wasn’t happening. He reached out to me, and together, we taught him tools for coping with his issues in a healthier way. As he began to feel more in control over his own life, he started feeling better about himself and is now able to connect with loved ones and relax without drinking.

*Names and stories are composite narratives and do not reflect actual clients.

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PTSD & Trauma Recovery

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